Bret (bret191) wrote in snuffboxpoetics,

my first post, thank you chris...

invisible hands shape my
drapes in the wind.
prozac or
tears for fears of broken
put the batteries in but all she does is shake.
empty bottle rage or
internet confessed angst

I phoned you:
and said
" meet me where the street lights blink for days
and its always night"

we walked the double line holding hands.
you brought the cure and i brought the disease.
A bottle of mr. Daniel's finest
mixed with ms. pink P's smilers.

" i'm drunk now, gimme the keys."
some nights it only takes five blinks to drive a cities length
obscene laughter in a 7/11.
black hoodies and pink laces are all red marked, rolled back eyes could see.
we felt 10 feet tall with our fingers on a quarter inch piece of plastic.
muzzle loaded fire works
and your god damned
Superman shirt
kept our teeth white throughout the night.
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