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still life

[ed. note: yeah, i know.  whatever.  i just kinda spit it out just now.  because i got tired of seeing nothing here.  & so.]

part one

if the sun rises
and the moon sets

then birds do the same,
in fixed positions across the sky.
they don't move,
like we're told.

part two

beaches are long sickles
reaping the wet wheat of waves
and the shrill cries of gulls

is the sickle at work.

part three

i have proof that the constellations
are not fixed,
just like i know the waves are
actually frozen & the beach is the
only thing that moves:

because she smiled in the
glacier of white bedsheets,
rolled over,
and lit a cigarette,

and all the while, it was me
doing the moving.
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